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eBay Marketplace Safety:

As the world's leading e-commerce company, eBay Inc.'s global portfolio of businesses enables hundreds of millions of people to buy and sell online. eBay Inc established a Global Asset Protection (GAP) team to promote the safe use of its platforms and to collaborate with local, national and international law enforcement in apprehending and prosecuting criminals.

Resources for Law Enforcement Investigations

Resources available to law enforcement officials only are:

  • eBay requests coming from Irish judges, Police or government agencies, can submit their eBay data requests through a national network of Single Point of Contacts (SPoC) and Regional Intelligence Officers (RIO) that are registered to our Law Enforcement Portal (LEP). To find out who your SPoC is, please contact us.
  • eBay data requests coming from Irish judges or government agencies, without access to LEP, can be submitted through our Law Enforcement eRequest System.
  • For general information, please send us an email to: service is dedicated to law enforcement officers only and inquiries from customers won't be processed.*
  • Download the eBay law enforcement guide.

*Please note we will not respond to official requests if we receive it by email.

Save Time in Your Investigation

The following tips are for law enforcement agencies to assist in your investigation:

  1. Search for active listings using a search string or a specific item number:
    • Lets you search by nearest postcode using search options on left hand column.
  2. Search by seller ID for all active/completed sales, dating back 30 days.
  3. Feedback Profile reflects comments made by other users regarding prior transactions.
  4. Create your own Favourite Searches
  5. eBay listings remain visible on the site for about 90 days after closing, searchable by specific item number.
  6. Download our comprehensive guide on how to use the Advanced Search tool.