Safety Centre

Keeping eBay safe and building trust

Trust and safety are at the heart of all successful relationships and transactions, and are principles that we hold dear. The eBay Buyer Protection and eBay Top-rated seller programmes have been designed to create an environment where people can shop with confidence. Alongside this we’ve put in place processes for dealing with counterfeits whilst working in close partnership with law enforcement agencies and the Industry Trust.

  • We want you to shop with confidence and are here to help if you have a problem.
  • Recognising the best and rewarding outstanding service - the eBay Top Rated Seller programme recognises sellers who have a track record for delivering excellent service and consistently receive the highest ratings from buyers. eBay Top Rated sellers are reviewed regularly to ensure they comply with the high standards required.
  • Keeping it real – in the vast majority of cases, the authenticity of items purchased though eBay is not an issue. If you believe an item to be counterfeit we’re here to help.
  • Upholding the law – eBay works in close partnership with law enforcement agencies, government and retailers to ensure a safe environment. Our Trust and Safety teams include former law enforcement specialists from around the world.
  • Protecting creative works – eBay works in partnership with the Industry Trust to protect the copyright of work such as films, music and books to ensure that those that work hard to produce high quality creative work are protected.

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