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Charity auctions step-by-step guide

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Charity auctions step-by-step guide

See below for a simple step-by-step guide on how to start your charity selling:

  1. Register on as normal
  2. Open a standard eBay seller's account.
  3. Open an appropriate PayPal account.
  4. Get selling!
    • List your items (following normal eBay instructions)
    • Click here to go to the eBay Help pages.
    • Click here to go to eBay Explained pages.
    • Click here to go to learn how to trade safely.
You could also consider these options to enhance your eBay selling and campaigns:

  • Create an 'About Me' page:
    • Once you have setup your eBay sellers account, you can create an About Me campaign page. This landing page can include information on your charity, campaign details, branding, information on current charity events, pictures, news, etc. All your live eBay auctions can also appear on this page - it is effectively your own 'micro-site' on eBay.
    • The 'About Me' page can either be simple and easy to create (using the simple Step-by-Step interface and guide) or as complex and advanced as you choose (using the HTML interface). This is dependant on your technical resource.
    • Click here to go to the About Me interface (you'll need to login).
    • Click here for more information on 'About Me' pages.

  • Enhancing your selling:
    • Visit out seller tools homepage to see whether the any of the products or services on offer could help make your selling more effective and efficient. Particularly relevant for high-volume sellers.
    • Click here to go seller tools.