Email Marketing- a feature available only to eBay Shop sellers- is a great way to promote your items. The tool allows you to quickly and easily send promotional messages to your subscribers who have opted-in to your email list and encourages buyers to return to your eBay Shop.

By using Email Marketing, you will build strong customer relationships, turn Shop browsers into buyers and get buyers to purchase from you again and again! In fact, sellers who use Email Marketing have experienced a higher level of repeat business.
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Easy 3-step process to create your email campaigns.
Free "Welcome Email" that can be set up to introduce a user to your Shop when they first subscribe to your newsletter.
Feature items directly from your eBay Shop by choosing a few simple settings.
Customise your email layout - choose from our templates or use your own HTML.
Schedule recurring mailings.
Subscription management is automated by eBay to ensure maximum deliverability.

How it Works:
Encourage buyers to opt-in by promoting your newsletters in your Shop.
Use the Email Marketing tool to choose your newsletter's recipients, content, listings, and design.
Schedule recurring mailings to coincide with holiday specials, sales, etc.

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