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Terms and Conditions

What is it?

On Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 January 2011 (local Irish time), registered Private Sellers who list item(s) (with any starting price) in an eligible category using the Auction-style format on, will not pay an Insertion Fee per listing.

Items listed using professional tools, such as (but not limited to), Turbo Lister and Sales Manager Pro, are excluded. Items will only be eligible for this promotion if they are listed with the Quick Sell or Advanced Sell (Sell Your Item) forms.

To take part in this promotion, sellers must be registered as resident in Ireland.

Please refer to "What's Excluded?" for more details.

When is it?

Saturday 8 January from 00:00:01 and Sunday 9 January 2011 until 23:59:59 local Irish time (promotional period).

What's included?

What's Excluded?

Members listing using the Auction-with-Buy It Now format will still be charged the Listing Upgrade Fee for Buy It Now.

Further information

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