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Requiring immediate payment

For items priced below £350 on with a specified postage cost and where PayPal is the only payment method offered, buyers who click Buy it now are asked to pay immediately.

For all other items, if you've set a Buy it now price for your item, you can require the buyer to pay you immediately using PayPal. You might use this feature if you're selling a time-sensitive item (for example, concert tickets). You must meet certain seller and postage requirements and the listing must include any related costs, so your buyer knows exactly how much to pay.

How it works
  1. A buyer who clicks the Buy it now button in your listing is directed to pay immediately for the item using PayPal.

  2. Until the buyer completes payment, the item remains availableto other buyers to purchase for the duration of the listing. The first buyer to complete their PayPal payment officially wins your item.

  3. Once a buyer completes payment, the listing ends and you are directed to post the item.

  • You can use the immediate payment feature with any selling format (auction-style or fixed price), as long as your item has a Buy it now price.

  • If you have an auction-like listing, both the Buy it now button and the immediate payment requirement disappear once a bid is placed (or once a bid meets your reserve price). In that case, the listing becomes a regular auction-style listing, with the item going to the highest bidder.

  • Listings with the immediate payment feature must offer PayPal as the only payment method. This includes auction-style listings that end with a high bidder.

  • If the listing reaches its ending time before any buyer has completed payment, then no one wins the item and you can relist it.

How to set up immediate payments

  • When you list your item for sale, select the Advance Sell option on the Sell Page.

  • After selecting the category your item will appear in, you'll be presented with the option to Select how you'll be paid. Next to the title 'Select how you'll be paid' you'll find the link Add and remove options, which you'll need to click on.

  • A pop-up box will appear with an Immediate Payment heading and the option to Require immediate payment through PayPal when a buyer uses Buy It No w. You'll need to select this and press the save button.

  • Now you'll see an option to Require immediate payment when buyer uses Buy It Now. Select this to initiate the immediate payment feature and then proceed to list your item for sale on eBay.


To require immediate payment for your item, you must:

To require immediate payment from your buyer, you must:

  • Specify a PayPal Premier or Business account when you list your item

  • Specify postage costs

  • Specify a Buy it now price of no more than £60,000

  • Post to the buyer's credit card billing address registered at PayPal (unless you change your Payment Receiving preferences in your PayPal profile so that you'll allow buyers to use other addresses)

  • Be a seller with an account in good standing

    Note: If you do not want to charge a P&P fee, you can select the Free P&P option.

  • Post to the buyer's credit card billing address registered at PayPal (unless you change your Payment Receiving preferences in your PayPal profile so that you'll allow buyers to use other addresses). You may want to put this requirement in your item description or postage and payment information.

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