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eBay for Charity - buying to benefit a charity

eBay for Charity is the dedicated programme for charity listings on eBay. When you buy items marked with the charity icon , part or all of your purchase will support a certified charity.

Finding eBay for Charity listings

Buying an eBay for Charity item

Finding eBay for Charity listings

To find eBay for Charity listings, look for the charity icon when you search on eBay. Only certified charities are eligible to benefit from eBay for Charity listings. Information about the benefiting charity and the donation amount is displayed on the item page.  

If you want to see only eBay for Charity listings, visit eBay for Charity. Here you can search for items by eBay category, by the cause you are interested in, or by charity. Find your favourite charity

Buying an eBay for Charity item

If you win an eBay for Charity listing, pay the seller following their payment instructions, as you would for any eBay listing.

eBay has chosen PayPal Giving Fund, a charity, to administer eBay for Charity. PayPal Giving Fund will collect the donation from the seller and forward it to the charity.

Note: When you buy from a charity selling on its own behalf, you are paying the charity directly.

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