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Provide great service and improve your Detailed Seller Ratings
Detailed Seller Ratings (DSRs) are a measure of customer service, allowing buyers to provide detailed feedback about the service they receive from you, which in turn helps other buyers decide who they want to buy from.

DSRs are also increasingly being used by eBay to decide how best to connect buyers and sellers - for example, in terms of ranking in search results and also discounts on fees - and are a key focus for any professional seller looking to use eBay successfully.

There are many ways to improve your customer service, and hence your DSRs - the key is to put yourself in your buyers’ shoes and ask what service you’d expect. For example:

  • Would you expect the item description to closely match what you bought?
  • Would you want any questions to be answered quickly and reasonably?
  • Would you want to get the item as soon as possible, at a reasonable cost and to be kept informed of progress along the way?
Seller can view their DSRs within the Seller Dashboard tool.

Here are some tips that will help to keep your service levels up and your customers coming back.

Item as described – detail counts
Build up trust between you and your buyers by taking the time to give buyers a complete and accurate description of your item.

Include item measurements in your listing, take clear photos from several angles, and use descriptive text to explain things that can't be seen in the photos, especially any faults.

Clearly emphasise the most important information in your listing, acknowledging that some buyers might not read your descriptions as thoroughly as you would like.

More information: Writing a Good Title and Description

Communication - keep in touch
Build trust through clear, professional communication. Ensure that you respond to all questions quickly, even if you think the answers are obvious, or the questions are about low value items. If you need time to research an answer, reply as soon as possible letting the buyer know when they can expect the information they need.

Write a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section, and add it to your listings and your About Me page – this should reduce the questions you receive in the first place.

Automate your emails using Selling Manager Pro, which will save you time and keep your buyers informed by automatically telling them when payment has been received and when the item has been dispatched.

Set aside time for e-mails: have a schedule and try to stick to it – answering lots of e-mails in one sitting is often more efficient that answering them one at a time.

Keep your buyer updated on the progress of a transaction, especially if there may be problems or delays.

More information:
Answering buyers' questions
Communicating with your buyer

Dispatch time – send on time
Help set expectations by clearly stating dispatch and delivery times in the item description, then make sure you post as quickly as possible – same day or next day if possible. If an item is delivered sooner than expected, the buyer is more likely to give you a good rating.

Speak with your Post Office and other delivery providers about pick up services and make sure you use the fastest delivery services you can. For example, 1st instead of 2nd class post, or next-day courier service instead of 48 hour service.

Consider setting aside a time in the day for picking and packing all items and plan the rest of your activities around that.

More information: Postage Centre

Postage & packaging charges – charge fairly
Inflated P&P costs can lead buyers to leave negative feedback. Quote prices that are a fair reflection of the postage and packaging used.

Including an unreasonable amount of extra costs (e.g. time, fuel costs) in the P&P charges is usually not appreciated by buyers, even if they agree to purchase the item.

Look for sellers who sell similar products to yours and have the highest Detailed Seller Ratings: use their P&P charges as a guideline to set your own prices.

Buy packaging items like bubble wrap and stationery in bulk. Look on eBay for good deals.

Don’t cut corners on packaging, or you risk your item not arriving as you described it.

If you reuse packaging materials, highlight this in your listings and reflect this in your postage price.

Offer more than one option if there's a big difference in postage prices, so buyers can choose the option that suits them best.

Considered offering free P&P if you can absorb the cost.

More information: Postage Centre