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Selling with eBay Shops

With an eBay Shop, you’ll get everything you need to create a central shopping destination where buyers can learn about you and all the products you sell. You’ll receive powerful tools for designing your Shop, plus marketing and reporting features. Learn how to get started with eBay Shops.

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It’s a good idea to start by becoming familiar with how eBay Shops work. On the eBay home page, click the Shops tab and then click the 'Open a Shop' link on the right-hand side of the page. When you’re ready to open your Shop, click the Open a Shop now button.
While you’re away, you want to make sure your buyers don't have a negative shopping experience by buying items and unexpectedly waiting a long time to receive them. Before you go on vacation, visit My eBay. In the Account tab, click the 'Manage My Shop' link and then click the 'Shop Holiday Settings' link (located under Related Links on the lower left-hand side of the page). Then, choose how you want to place your Shop on holiday.

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Getting started with an eBay Shop
With an eBay Shop, you can display all your products in one convenient location.

Fees for eBay Shops
Find out what it costs to sell with eBay Shops.

Designing your Shop

Creating your eBay Shop
Create a shopping environment that captures your company's personality and highlights your products.

Customising your Shop’s appearance in listings
Use your listings to showcase your Shop and let buyers explore your products.

Marketing your Shop

Promoting your Shop
Get tips on attracting buyers to your Shop.

Putting Shop items on sale
Sales are a great way to draw attention to your listings.

Using email marketing
Create compelling emails that promote your Shop to potential buyers.

Creating promotional flyers
Create free promotional flyers to print and distribute.

Managing your listings

Editing or ending listings
Save time by updating or ending multiple listings at once.

Managing your Shop

Placing your Shop on holiday
Going on holiday? Find out what to do with your Shop while you’re away.

Closing your Shop
We hope you’ll contact us first to address any issues.

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