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Creating effective listings

The key to making a good sale is creating a listing that attracts buyers. Here are some tips and tools to help you create effective listings.

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Add their user IDs to your blocked bidder list.
When using the photo uploader, clear your cache and temporary Internet files. Software like firewalls, ad blockers and web accelerators can sometimes cause issues.
  • When you create your listing, be as descriptive as possible. Write an effective title and description, list your item in the right category, use product details (if they're offered) and fill out all specifics suggested for your item.

  • You can make your listing stand out with listing upgrades such as promotional options, colour and a larger photo.

  • You might want to choose a longer listing duration.

Help topics


Creating a listing
Learn how to make your listing as engaging as possible.

Creating a listing with variations
Show all your item's variations in a single listing.

Writing a good title and description
Create a title and description that grabs attention.

Selecting a category
Choose the right category so buyers can find your item.

Using product details from our catalogue
If your item matches a product in our catalogue, we offer product details and a stock photo that you can include in your listing.

Providing item specifics
By filling out as many details as possible, you make it easier for buyers to find your listing and make an informed purchase.

Tips for successful postage
Our tips can help you attract more buyers and save you time and money.

Describing the item's condition
What you say about the condition of your item can make or break a sale.

Providing postage options and details in your listing
When you list your item, give buyers the postage options and information they need.

Entering your item's location
Just enter your postcode and buyers around the globe can find you.

Using counters for your listings
See how many people have viewed your listing.

Making a listing private
For certain items, buyers prefer to be anonymous. Giving them privacy may help you make a sale.

Managing communications with your buyers
Save considerable time and avoid additional work by providing the right information upfront to avoid unnecessary buyer questions.

Adding pictures

How to take pictures for your listing
A great photo sets your listing apart.

Adding pictures to your listing
You can store and upload pictures in several ways.

Using the free gallery picture
Your free gallery picture increases your chances of a successful sale.

Sharing your content
Contribute pictures and other content to our product catalogue.

About eBay Pictures
Submit pictures to be considered for our product catalogue, and be paid for the ones we use.

Pricing and scheduling

Choosing a starting price
Get tips to help you with your pricing strategy.

Selecting payment methods
See how you can make your transaction fast and secure for you and your buyers.

Selecting a listing duration
You can list your item for 1, 3, 5, 7, 10 or 30 days, as well as Good 'Til Cancelled. Find out which one is best for you.

Scheduling your listings
You can choose when your listings start or end.

Specifying your returns policy
A clear returns policy makes buyers feel secure.

Listing upgrades

Promoting your item with listing upgrades
Find out how to make your item stand out from the crowd.

Tools and tips

Answering buyers' questions
Save time for you and your buyers by using eBay's auto answers and creating your own questions and answers.

Using spell check
Professional-looking listings don’t contain typing errors. Use this free tool to double-check your spelling.


List your product with variations

See our step-by-step guide on how to create listings with variations

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