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Finding items

With millions of items for sale on eBay, knowing a few tips can help you quickly find just the right thing.

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You can refine your search and customise and organise your search results from the left side of the search results page. In some cases, you'll see a shortcut. This shortcut will appear with a magnifying glass icon in search results. You can use the shortcut to refine your search. If you still get too many results, try using the Advanced search link at the top of most pages.
To get more results, you can search within sellers' descriptions as well as in item titles. Tick Include title and description below the Search button and click Search again. If this doesn't work, try using different search words. Experiment using 2 or 3 different words at a time so you get a variety of results.
You can expand your search to search within sellers' descriptions, as well as in listing titles. Tick Include title and description below the Search button, and click Search again.

Help topics


Searching for items by keyword
If you're looking for a specific item, searching using words related to the item (keywords) can help you find it fast.

Browsing for items
If you're not sure what you're looking for, or you just want to "window shop," browse through the listings.

Using eBay's mobile apps on your smartphone
Get eBay's mobile app for your phone and search for items on the go.

Beyond the basics

Tips for better searching
Learn how to get more precise search results, or expand your search to get more matches specific to your item.

Changing the way your search results look
Change how your search results are sorted and displayed.

Viewing your recently viewed items
See your most recent searches.

Using advanced search
Specify what you're looking for by using the Advanced search link at the top of most eBay pages.

How automatic search expansion works
In some cases, we'll automatically suggest a search based on what we believe to be your intent, rather than match your exact keywords.

Specialised searches

Searching completed listings
Find items that have already ended.

Searching using the eBay Toolbar
The eBay Toolbar Featuring Yahoo! lets you search for anything you want, on eBay or the web.

Installing the eBay Toolbar

Searching eBay Shops
Looking for an item in eBay Shops, or a particular shop? Read our tips.

Searching eBay Motors
eBay Motors has customised search features specifically geared to vehicles, parts, and accessories.

Searching for eBay members
Learn how to find another member.

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